Master Class 122

Master Class 122

The sound for the most discerning ear. The highest demands that can be placed on an upright piano have been realized in SAUTER’s Master Class line.
The patented construction of the sostenuto pedal* facilitates the fine tuning of the sostenuto function with no great effort. Hammer heads with cores made of precious wood enhance the tone and are ideally matched to the resonating body.

Precious woods. For even better purity of tone, our sound boards use only the finest white spruce harvested at an altitude of 1,100 meters from the Fiemme Valley in the high plateau of South Tyrol. This is the same wood Stradivarius used to make violins. Its working properties and the unique „SAUTER spherical concavity®” ensure a balanced, sparkling sound from bass to treble and unadulterated listening pleasures.

Additional exclusive details:
 Sharps made of precious woods. Hand-polished cast plate. Hammer heads with walnut cores and hand-selected, high-quality felts for nearly unlimited expressivity. Inner case and hammer rests with genuine bird’s-eye maple laminate. Double repetition action. Lock, hygrometer, brass casters, stable notch, fall damper.

Width:                   4’10”/146.5 cm   

Depth:                   2’/60 cm

Height:                  4’/122 cm

Weight:                 485 Lbs./220 kg


Brochure: Download the Master Class 122 brochure