The House Concert Upright

Our 122 upright is a classic with an extraordinarily full sound. This is due to its special design which includes an additional, sympathetically-vibrating soundboard that delivers an extra ‘boost’ for attacks at forte level and above.

The basic models are:

130 T

The 130 has been our most successful upright for ninety years. In music academies and universities alike it replaces the grand piano. It is mechanically superior to mass-produced studio grand pianos, and it has a markedly fuller sound.

The basic models are:

  • This piano can also be custom-ordered with chamber-music bass dampening, which allows for exceptionally precise ‘secco’ (dry) playing.

138 K

This concert upright is the acoustic equivalent of a 180 cm (6 ft.) long salon grand piano, awarded ‘Best in the World’ in Paris. Universities, small concert halls, and churches alike use them in place of a grand piano.It comes equipped with our classic action and enhanced chamber-music dampening for the single string sections as standard.

The basic models are:

Additional options include sostenuto pedal and enhanced chamber-music dampening for the 2-string bass section.