Erard was built in 1839, serial number is:14968, size:  235 cm/7’11’’. Wood: mahogany.

This instrument comes from a historic home in Normandy, France.

It is possibly as instrument that Chopin could have played on. The very similar, if not identical, piano that belonged to Franc Liszt is now a part of the Chopin Museum in Warsaw. With this instrument we have a chance to experience the sounds of Chopin’s time, the palette of colors, power, selectiveness and balance of a vintage piano.

The original ivory is in superb condition. All parts are original, except for new strings and pins that were changed at the Erard factory in Paris. The instrument possesses beautiful, noble tone and wonderful responsiveness throughout the entire range. The singing qualities together with superbly working mechanism make this piano a unique find. Concert ready and collector’s piece. In pristine condition.

This piano was featured on many occasions as a solo instrument for live concerts and recordings both in the United States and Europe.