Steinway Model S Art-case – 5’1″(155cm) baby grand created in 1936. In mint condition!

This Steinway was expertly restored in 2017. New hammers, complete regulation of the mechanism, pinblock and soundboard in perfect condition. This piano offers unique musical qualities, the tone of this instrument is clear and transparent; stunning appearance would satisfy the most demanding pianists. The instrument is in concert ready condition.

The instrument comes from Park Avenue residence in New York City, where it was played by Dave Brubeck, among other famous artists.

Model S in the Art-Nouveau style is not only a beautiful sounding instrument, but also a work of art representing a significant moment of American history. From the mid-1860’s to the 1930’s America’s industrial, cultural and financial structures were being formed and became the standard of the world. People were drawn to move to and establish a new life in the United Sates as a result of America’s newly formed prowess. It was 1907, the pinnacle of America’s grandest moment that this art-case grand piano was uniquely and tastefully designed. The original greatness of this particular piano allows us to hear and intimately experience the whisperings of a by-gone musical, historical and artistic era.