RHAPSODY 2019 draws its strength from the new shape resulting from fine curvatures on the outer edges of the cabinet encasing the soundboard. Its elegance comes from the combination of fine materials: a polished coating and horizontally finished fine wood.

The Rhapsody soundboard is encased in horizontally veneered panels, offset by varnished surfaces for the top and bottom board. Even the keyboard itself is polished. Special details include the softly rounded edges of all elements and the black exposed joints that highlight the instrument’s shape and contours.

Rhapsody 2019 in a contemporary room, with light parquet flooring, white walls, a large sofa and modern art – showing how harmoniously the piano’s modern elegance fits into today’s design schemes.

Features: The finest engineering with excellent sound, expression and outstanding sustainability of tone.

Finishes: Satin walnut/polished black or completely polished black with black polished fittings.
Satin maple/polished white or completely polished white with chromed fittings.
Oak satin with fittings in black matte.